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Editor -                             Joe Whiteart

War Reporter -             Tim Wassname

Film -      Regi The Homeless Stunt Man

Weather -    Micheal Fist (Midlife Crisis)

Travel -                                 John Snail

Food -                  Billy Bob Bloomintroll

Horrorscope -                  Psychic Stace

Paranormal -      Reverand Handbatter

Founder Member -     Julian Assbanger





World of Spin.

About - The origins of the snotrocket scientist, artist & chav worrier!

Unstoppable - 20th Century Fox 2010.

A drama about a runaway train carrying a cargo of toxic chemicals. Pits an engineer and his conductor in a race against time. They chase the runaway train in a separate locomotive and try to bring it under control before it derails and causes a toxic spill that will decimate a town.

"The train is let on the loose by that fat bloke from, My Name Is Earl. Then the black guy and his mate try and stop it.

Non stop action all the way with good performances all round and some cunning stunts to boot".


Bench rating - 79%

Trampjuice rating - Sherry

"Some cunning stunts in this quite exciting non stop chase sequence".

"I could have done that stunt.

Why didn't they call me to do

it the peskey bastards"?

PREVIOUS DAYS NEWS STORIES  I built using the rather good webeden live editing sitebuilder and is an on going nightmare of never ending updates.

I can still recommend my sister 2009 site especially if you are looking for a portrait commission or to browse through my rather too large back catalogue.

I built signsatire to accommodate my rather massive set of sign designs that I produced during 2009-10 whilst joewhiteart was still being built.

There you can see a load of signs (I put up over 300 in all) that I put up on Bristol streets and even some in Banks and on council buildings, oh and one in McDonalds. To see a selection them and much more

go to the PopArt in Situ here >


In some of the shots I have managed to capture some of the very people I was satirising. (Mainly by chance) Most civilians are used to seeing people fly posting so turned a blind eye although a lot of punters stopped and laughed out loud and some even came up to me asking what the sign meant.

I just told them to make up their own mind and made a quick exit.


signs of the times

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This print lasted all day in McDonalds. One of the chav customers said that it was a good picture and I should ... "Sell it to McDonalds as an advert innit mate".

Mmmn theres a thought?

Left - This Ice sign had been up for years just off Penpark Rd. Shortly after I drew attention to it with this UFO Road Hump sign, it was removed just in time for one of the coldest icyest winters on record.

Above and left: This is the pack of wolves sign I put up in Lloyds TSB on Gloucester Rd. It went unnoticed by the staff for an amazing 4 days. They later refurbished the place leaving nowhere to cable tie any signs and they upgraded the security. Yet they still dole out dodgy fivers.



Iwo McJima - Joseph White 2009.

Lloyds TSB. Bastion of rudeness and incompetence. Like many banks on the high street they caused mayhem

with ridiculous investments that a 9 year old would wince at. Yet they still send junk mail every few days offering loans to people that can't afford them.

Below: I was spotted putting this one up on college green by a council worker having a sneaky fag break. He was straight on his mobile, I swiftly left the area only after putting up another 30 odd.

Right: This Wheelchair Gunner was put up outside Lloyds on Glozzy Rd. Who would of thought back in 2009 that banks would cause disabled benefits to be cut. Well I did!

Fight back! They are trying to push us into the docks.





I got lucky on this one outside Tesco Metro on Lodge causeway. Sometimes things just fall into your hands.

Left: This one lasted a few days and made a bunch of people chuckle during their daily grind.





This was put up adjacent to a no paddleing sign for extra effect but was taken down after a day so I went back and put a load more up a few days later.

(Snot Rakete Wissenshaft Applience)

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