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Most of these images can be printed to almost any size. Contact me if you want any other sizes.

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Canvases / Prints Latest Canvases + Prints


16 x 16 inch    Original Canvas from  £99.00                    

28 x 20 inch    Original Canvas          £199.00                                                                                                            




Original Canvases from £99    Portraits from £54.99


Zombie Portraits

Order an image as a download and get a 20% discount. Contact us for sizes.

Portraits needn't cost the earth and in graphite/pencil can be done reletively quickly.

Prices start from £54.99 - (See the prices page for more)


Ink Stippled Monochrome takes much longer and prices start from £99 - 10 x 8 inch.

Monochrome images can be printed into one colour as in the blue coloured (Cyan) Paul Bird 2003 portrait. (Above right) 

They can be printed in either Cyan or Magenta.


Monochrome and Graphite images can also be Sepia Toned 

or Aged Newspaper Toned for the classic old photo look.

These prints can be done in addition to your portrait commission, perhaps to be given to friends or reletives.

The first print is FREE.

See the prices page for the full list of prices and sizes.


To see a portrait being painted view the Animate page.



Contact us for commissions.

Portrait, Nancy Windsor 07. J Whte 2008. Aged News Portrait, Jack's Dot 1940's. J White 2008. Sepia [

Sepia Toned

Aged Newspaper.


Elvis-Ali-Lee. J White 2012.

A3 Graphite.


This is my most recent portrait commission.

Price - £160 - Including a quallity free frame and large photo print.


Click on image to enlarge.

Elvis-Ali-Lee. J White 2012. Graphite A3.