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Canvas Prices

 Original Canvases from £99.

 They vary in price according to size and the amount of detail involved in their production as do any art commissions.

"You can commission a painting or drawing of anything you like,
in any style.

 "Check my other pages
  to see the whole range".

"The price list on the right will give you an accurate guide but if you want a
price for another size just contact us and we will accomodate".

"If you're odering a commision as a Birthday or Christmas present then give it at least four weeks as
there is a waiting list".

Large 1 meter (40 inch) canvas sizes are avliable for commissions and start from £160.
Prices are also subject to detail. The more detail the higher the price.

Commission Prices - Portraits/Canvases

  A5  Graphite  £54.99
  10 x 8 (inches)  Graphite     £65
  A4      Graphite     £70

  10 x 8  Colour Pencil  £75
  A4 Colour Pencil  £80

  A3   Double Portrait in Graphite  £130
  A3   Triple Portrait in Graphite  £165

  A3 Graphite portraits will be done
 at 305 x 405 mm - as this is a standard
frame size (16 x 12 inches)
 and is only a fraction smaller than A3.

  10 x 8  Ink Stippled Monochrome £99
  A4  Ink Stippled Monochrome   £119
  A3 Ink Stippled Monochrome  £179

  12 x 10  Watercolours £99

  12 x 10    Acrylics - Monochrome   £99
  12 x 10   Acrylics - Colour   £130
  20 x 16  Acrylics - Monochrome   £199
  20 x 16   Acrylics - Colour £249

  28 x 20 Acrylics - Monochrome   £299
  28 x 20   Acrylics - Colour  £349

 Work will comence on your commission
 once a 50% deposit has been payed.

Contact me for commissions. 

Sign Prices

  5.4" (Inches) £1.99
  8" £2.99
  11" £3.99
  8 x 2"   Bookmarks  £1.99

  Prices include postage.
(UK & EU only)

All signs are easily mounted on doors & windows and come supplied with clear sticky mounts.

All Sign & Bookmark
products also come with an envelope and have a message box on
the back so you can write a personal message on it and
post it as a gift card.

All envelopes are munufactured from
recycled material.

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Original Canvases from £99 Prints from £14 Portraits from £54.99 FREE large photo print with each portrait commission.